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Dear affiliates! We are very pleased to present you an affiliate program of authentic Indian online store Candere. Candere - which means ‘to shine’, is the perfect blend of being ‘Internationally Indian!’ We are first premium online jewelry store to understand consumers’ hesitancy and gives the right solution for it. All our products are made to order- which means, after you order, it will be specially made for you keeping in mind your requirement and also be delivered within 7 days or 14 days, as per the expected delivery date mentioned, if not earlier. Online shopping is in vogue these days because they offer multiple benefits apart from their attractive pricing, such as - shopping at your own leisure, no pushy salesmen and good time to compare, research and buy. However, when it comes to jewelry, there is still some hesitancy. Is the price reasonable, will the quality be good, will the size fit? The answer is simple… Yes. Candere’s philosophy is to offer customers extraordinary value on the largest inventory of fine jewelry and certified diamonds with the comfort, convenience and security of online shopping. Besides we provide safe shipping: for your protection, all orders require signature upon delivery, regardless of any signature waiver on file.  As for quality, all the jewelry comes with certification and hallmarking from reputed certification labs.  Also, consider the following advantages of this service: 1) We are listed on marketplaces Flipkart, Snapdeal, Shopclues and Junglee (price comparison portal of Amazon). 2) We offer certified jewelry with 30 day returns, lifetime exchange and we also have an option of EMI. 3) Our prices are low- since there are no showrooms or inventory charges, the benefit can be calculated in the overall pricing without impacting the quality. 4) Since we hold a very good online presence and goodwill in the market, we are preferred more when it comes to buying precious jewelry online. 5) There are always are dozens of Candere coupons, discount coupons, coupon codes, and promotion codes for candere.com. 6) Our jewelry items can be bought not only in India, but also in UK, USA and Australia, so there is a possibility for you to promote the campaign all over there. There is an option to pay orders in native currency of these regions. Join to the program and earn 7,70% commission per sale of all the Diamond, Gemstones and Pearl Jewellery!  

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  • Лучше денег может быть только еще больше денег. О Cashbe узнал пару недель назад и теперь не только себе все заказы делаю через сервис, но и подключил друзей. Им посылочка, а мне деньги, без каких либо лишних усилий.

    Владимир Коркин

  • Вначале я даже не поверила, что мне просто так вернут часть денег с покупки. Я была в шоке, когда после покупки мне пришли деньги, которые потом смогла в два счета вывести на телефон. Советую, потому что сама проверила!

    Алина Любимова

  • Для тех, кто, как и я жаждет покупок и ищет постоянно скидки и распродажи, скажу, что этот сервис стал настоящей находкой. Я нашла тут все свои привычные магазины и теперь прост получаю часть денег с каждой покупки назад)

    Евгения Майд