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О магазине

payzonno.com is not in itself a lender and is therefore takes no responsibility for any lending product we advertise or offer to you, or for any credit decisions that are made about you. There are no specific loan products offered to you on this site. All specific loan products will be offered to you directly from the lender.


payzonno.com reserves the right to reject an inquiry from you at any time for any reason that is not prohibited by law. payzonno.com may require verification or additional information before a loan request from you is accepted. After submitting your information via a form on our site, you will then be connected with a lender to be further considered based on the policies and procedures of the lender. This does not mean that your loan has been approved. Approval of loans is solely the decision of the lender. payzonno.com takes no responsibility for taking, approving or denying any loan request made by you. When you submit your information, you then agree if we are unable to find a lender that offers the type of loan you requested initially, we will then search our lender network to ascertain whether we can find alternative lenders with different loan products that may help you.

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