Условия магазина Smart Master

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О магазине

From the 80’s, SmartMaster’s founder began as a tailor in a tailoring district. Born into a family of tailors, it was almost second nature to craft each piece to fit specifically. The little shop thrived and prospered. As people got used to the manufacturing and mass production of clothes in the late 80’s, ready-made clothes became the preferred choice and customers cared more for convenience. Small tailor shops slowly dwindled and as with all things, he needed to move with the times. He weathered the economic crisis and held true to his drive of providing quality clothes and suits for everyone.


The insistence on presenting the best of quality has allowed SmartMaster to grow continuously. This push for excellence has garnered us recognition by various entities across Asia Pacific and we stand here today with 22 SmartMaster stores across Klang Valley, Melaka, Johor and Perak.


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